5 weeks in Spring 2014 at RIT


Photoshop and Illustrator


Research, information architecture, wireframing


Experimental Design at Rochester Institute of Technology



The task given was to redesign an existing interface or create something new that you think you could improve upon or make something really great. As an avid Target fan and frequent user of the Cartwheel app, I chose to redesign the interface, which I felt was clunky and not very intuitive. As such a great tool that not many people knew about, my goal was to make it easy to use that their wide range of an audience could use with ease, while also improving upon the informational hierarchy.


  • Disorganized
  • Not intuitive
  • Overly complicated


To update the Cartwheel app by making it cohesive and simplified while still maintaining the Target brand and inviting atmosphere


One of the most difficult aspect of this project was digesting all of the information in the app and determining what as most important, and what may not be necessary. I felt the app was contested and could use a more streamlined approach, though I wanted to maintain the character and aspects of the app that made it special for Target, like the collections and badges.



Target's primary customers are female (76%) with a median age of 41. I conducted a series of interviews with my female colleagues and friends to help me formulate a better idea of what they expected and wanted in a coupon app. I also discussed with them their shopping experience and attitude toward the Target brand.


I then went into the app, digesting all of the information and building a map of how the application was currently laid out. I targeted areas with a high volume of information and areas where the information seemed supplementary and at some points not necessary. I sketched out initial thoughts and ideas, including low-fi wires, before moving into illustrator to produce hi-if wireframes.



By cutting down unnecessary areas while still maintaining the core functionality and character of the original app, I believe I created a more useable and simpler solution for the Target cartwheel app. The cartwheel app has since been updated and redesigned by Target (for the better!), but while it was in its older state, it was a great project to tackle a redesign of an app that I loved!